How to Measure

How to measure your horse for a rug-

L ;     Start at middle of chest following( where you do the chest strap up) around point of shoulder to the end of rump but
 not wrapping around at rump. This measurement in feet/inches will be your approximate rug size, Example 5foot,3inches (5'3)

Hint: Rug sizes are listed in feet and inches, example 5feet 3inches ( 5'3). So perferable measure in feet and inches or if you only have centimeters we can convert that to feet/inches for you.

Sh :  Start at bottom of neck where the wither begins, follow down the shoulder and around to
 the middle of the chest  where the rug should sit comfortably,not too low to sag around the
 shoulders and not too high to cut into his neck.


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